what a difference six months makes

Wagoner defends GM’s reliance on SUVs. In response to analysts’ concerns about GM’s dwindling liquidity in light of the latest slide in demand for its most profitable vehicles and the jump in raw material costs, Wagoner responded that “under any scenario we see, we’re good until the end of the year.” What an incredible country […]

incorrect times in Windows?

Are you wondering why your XP Home or other Windows system seems to have missed the update for DST changes? I was, until I went to the Windows Update site and checked what I was missing. I don’t have automatic updates enabled, to prevent Microsoft pushing their pet projects like IE7 on me as “critical” […]

priceless pachyderm

MasterCard wants you to know how great paypass is, and they’re eager to show you all the things it can do for you. [kml_flashembed movie=”http://youtube.com/v/WFNXwor69-U” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] The last line should have read, “Having your identity stolen by an elephant incapable of either speaking or forging a signature: priceless.”

word count FTW

tech Power Up! writes: The coolers use heatpipes to transfer heat from the GPU to a large radiator-like surface that covers the whole video card. Yeah, we call that a <Dr . Evil finger quotes>heat sink</finger quotes> in tech geek lingo. Maybe you’re paid by word count. Whatever. If you are looking for additional cooling […]

Clue for the Day

Instant messaging clients are designed to be an interruption source. If you’re using a DND (“do not disturb”) status message, you’re better off just logging out of the client. I’m going to message you anyway, on the reasonable assumption that if you’re connected to the service, you want some IMs. NB: This is not directed […]

is ZDNet full of it?

I’m tired already of headlines like these. Is Firefox 2.0 a dud? Is Firefox 2.0 a dud? Are users better avoiding it and waiting until a future build? Are too many of the new features buggy and incomplete and is the browser overall more unstable that previous versions? What about Firefox on Vista? This is […]

Sony rootkits – a timeline

Boingboing has posted a time-line of events surrounding the Sony rootkit-as-DRM debacle. If you’re still buying products from Sony, start asking yourself if it’s really worth it. It is unreal to me that an individual committing the same acts as Sony would be subject to criminal prosecution, but major corporations get by with hamfisted “apologies” […]

ExtremeTech not so extreme

ExtremeTech has an abbreviated roundup of “TiVo Killers”, which means they’ve installed three PVR apps under Windows XP and looked at them. They only mention Mythtv to say People familiar with PVR applications for the PC are probably aware of Myth TV, and are wondering why the free homebrew project isn’t included. The answer is […]