coding in the ivory tower

My favorite IM client, recently renamed to Pidgin, also recently released a new beta version that diverges significantly from previous behavior and appearance. I get the impression, looking at their site, that this is to be treated as a near-release candidate. One of the devs points out in his blog that there’s a current hot […]

beryl 0.2.0 released

The new version of beryl, a compositing X11 window manager, was released today. Hurray for the eye candy, and some cool usability in the bargain! I especially like Scale (think Mac’s Expose) and translucency with blur for helping find or keep track of open windows. Here’s one of the better videos demonstrating some real world […]

ExtremeTech not so extreme

ExtremeTech has an abbreviated roundup of “TiVo Killers”, which means they’ve installed three PVR apps under Windows XP and looked at them. They only mention Mythtv to say People familiar with PVR applications for the PC are probably aware of Myth TV, and are wondering why the free homebrew project isn’t included. The answer is […]