attic goodness 2006

We went to Eddie’s Attic to see Pierce Pettis Friday night. The big surprises were Edie Carey and Rose Cousins, who both deserve their own headline billing. Hope to see them when they come back through Atlanta, or at least buy some more of their CDs.

James Brown sightings 01

My first (let’s pretend there could be more) James Brown sighting occurred today. I was walking between buildings at work, down the sidewalk on Peachtree Street. Having circumnavigated an overzealous Vespa girl who decided her scooter somehow qualified her to use the sidewalk, I noticed a woman stepping away from a limo at the building […]

Practice was perfect

I had rehearsed what I was going to say to Don Conoscenti off and on in my head the last few days when I told him about choosing the name Pearl Arelia if we end up having a girl. “I’ve loved your music blah blah blah. Arelia is one of my favorites and is in […]