urss considered harmful

urss is a Mozilla / Firefox extension that provides a side-scrolling ticker of your RSS feed(s). Sounds nifty, and it was exactly what I was looking for at the time I first installed it. However, after I tired of it (and discovered Sage) I looked for a way to uninstall. Oh boy.

urss doesn’t have an “uninstall feature,” that being listed as something that’s in development. That’s cool, because Firefox has an extension manager; no problem, right? Wrong. urss installs itself in ~/.mozilla/firefox/[profile name]/chrome/urss where it has no need to be. After thoroughly munging my existing profile trying to be rid of this thing and get Firefox to start properly, I finally started over with a new profile.

All this is well and good, it’s a version 0.x product and all. Except that there are no bugs filed against it. Hm. I went to try and file a bug. Interesting, there’s no bug tracker for this obviously broken extension! Stay away from urss unless you’re interested in testing and fixing it yourself. You have been warned.

what’s old is new

The first DVD of the Cowboy Bebop remixes was released 09/13. This set will include Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and other goodies without requiring you to spring for the entire set at once. Now I’m glad I never finished buying all the episodes. Of course, when the HD DVD formats hit the street starting next year… best to focus on the now. :)

Bebop has been around (starting in Japan) since 1998. Anyone who has seen Firefly, or the followup movie Serenity which started this weekend, is somewhat familiar with the setup: A pair of interstellar bounty hunters out to keep themselves fed by collecting rewards on the scum of the universe get into more trouble as they take on new members of their “crew” over the first several episodes. After all the characters are introduced, things really get interesting, with plenty of character development through flashbacks, the reappearance of old friends and enemies, and the inevitable friction and friendship between the principals. The action is well animated and convincing, the Japanese voice acting is spot-on for each character, and the music, composed by Yoko Kanno, is simply the best, most eclectic mix of material I’ve heard from a TV series.

udev vs. lirc

I installed udev on the mythtv machine because I wanted /dev/dvd automagically handled, but in the process lost /dev/lirc. This caused some consternation and troubleshooting, including swapping batteries in the remote, until I finally saw that lircd was logging errors. Fortunately the fix was as simple as dpkg-reconfigure lirc, and I haven’t found any other breakage yet.